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    Since some drugs are ordered in mcg/kg/min such as Dobutamine and Dopamine you will need to calculate the infusion rate in mL/hr in order to administer these potent drugs via an IV infusion pump You are ordered to administer Dobutamine 5 mcg/kg/min IV

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    50 mg in D5W 250 ml at 75 ml/hour How many mcg/kg/minut e is the client receiving Enter numeric value only If rounding is required round to the nearest tenth Corre ct answer s 3 5 3 A client who weighs 70 kg is recei ving a dopamine solution of 800 mg/500 ml normal saline at 5

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    Nov 01 2016  Propofol contains 1 1 kCal per ml For an average size 70kg patient 40 mcg/kg/min propofol will provide 16 8 ml/hr propofol which equals 443 kCal/day Low dose propofol infusions e g up to 30 mcg/kg/min won t make a big difference but at higher doses failure to account for propofol calories could cause overfeeding

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    Kg/min 1 mg 500 mL 1 hr 60 min 132# 1 kg 1x500x1x60x132x1 #20 10 5 mL/hr wanted Strength of med conversion order conversion weight Answer mL 250 mL 1 mg 0 5 mcg 60 min 70 Kg 250x1x0 5x60x70 10 5 hr 50 mg 1000 mcg Kg/min 1 hr 50x1000x1

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    The standard IV mixture is 450 mg in 250 mL Pumps like to be programmed in mL/hr so mL/hr are your answer units Example 6 Milrinone Lactate Primacor has been ordered for a patient at 0 4 mcg/kg/min The patient weighs 100 kg If the pharmacy mixes 20 mg of Milrinone in 100 mL of total solution what would be the rate of the infusion

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    The answer is 52 5 mL/hr 2 Start a Nipride nitroprusside infusion at 2 mcg/kg/min for a patient in hypertensive crisis Pharmacy has sent 500 mL of D 5 W containing 50 mg of Nipride The patient weighs 160 pounds lb First convert pounds into

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    The patient weighs 75 kg 291 A 3040 mcg/kg/min dosage is ordered for an adult weighing 80 4 kg The solution strength is 2 g/250 mL Calculate units/hr of heparin infusing Question 289 A dosage of 4065 mcg/kg/min has been ordered using a solution of 3 g/250 mL Patient weighs 80 4 kg 290 A solution of 5 mg/500 mL is to be titrated at

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    To find the ml/hr Step 1 Write down infusion rate Step 2 Write down IV concentration Step 3 Reduce the units Step 4 Perform the math To find the mg/minute Convert the mg/hr 1 100 mg hr 1 hr 60 min x = 1 100 x 1 mg = = 1 x 60 min 1 100 mg 18 33 mg/min Round your answer to the nearest whole number We are infusing 18 mg/min 60 min

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    set we will give dobutamine 10 mcg/kg/min Increment If we want to increase dobutamine to 15 mcg/kg/min then give the same fluid 1 5 ml/hr The above method is to give a separate infusion of Dobutamine however it could also be added to 24 hours fluid as explained below e g 3 75 kg neonate in shock with a fluid requirement of 100 ml/kg/day

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    Infusion Rate Calculations ml/hour ANSWERS 1 /ˇˇ ˆ 400 ml/hour Remember you must include the unit ml/hour for a full and correct answer 2 ˜ˇˇ = ˆ˜ˇ ˘ = ˛ˆ˜ ˆ = ˙ˆ ˜ ˛ = 62 5 Now round your answer to a whole number = 63 ml/hour 3 2 4 Litres = 2400 ml ˆ˘ˇˇ ˛˙ = ˛ˆˇˇ = ˙ˇˇ ˘ = ˝ˇˇ ˆ = 150 ml per


    12 5 mg/ml vial Initial 2 5 mcg/kg/min Continuous infusion Titrate to effect up to 20 mcg/kg/min Standard drip = 500 mg/250 ml D5W pre mix Dopamine 40 mg/ml vial 5 20 mcg/kg/min Continuous infusion 5 10 mcg/kg/min to increase cardiac output 10 20 mcg/kg/min for peripheral vasoconstriction Standard drip = 800 mg/250 ml D5W pre mix MAX

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    Jun 11 2020  Medication order Lidocaine 1 gram in 1000 mL infuse 0 04 mcg/kg/min Patient weight 155 pounds How many mL per hour do you need to

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    Sep 07 2017  1 Describe infusion solution Amount of drug added milligrams mcg grams units Volume of solution ml 2 Select units for drug dosing mcg/kg/min mcg/min mg/min mg/hour mcg/kg/hr mg/kg/hr units/minute mcg/hr units/hour units/kg/hr milliunits/minute ng/kg/min 3 Select increments for table see note

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    mcg/kg/hr Fentanyl Constant Rate Infusion mls/hour it will give a There is mcg Fentanyl/ml FLK Constant Rate Infusion Worksheet Volume of total fluids mls mcg/kg/min mls of 0 05 mg/ml Fentanyl mls of 2 Lidocaine and mls of 100 mg/ml Ketamine mcg/kg/hr CRI of Fentanyl mcg/kg/min CRI of Ketamine mcg/kg/min CRI of Lidocaine mg Lidocaine

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    Call HO for rate > 50 mcg /kg min DO NOT EXCEED 70 mcg /kg min Obtain baseline triglyceride level and a level every 3 days if infusion rate is 40mL/hr or greater obtain a level daily Call HO for level greater than 450 DEXMEDETOMIDINE TITRATION Increase infusion rate by 0 10 3 mcg/kg/hr every 30 minutes Mixed 400 mcg 100 ml Call HO

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    Jul 07 2011  Intravenous Drips Convert mcg/min to mL/hr Now let s reverse the problem and convert mcg/min to find the pump rate mL/hr Example The provider places an order for a nitroglycerin drip at 10 mcg/minute The pharmacy delivers the infusion bag of nitroglycerin and the label on the bottle reads 50 mg in 500 mL 0 9 sodium chloride solution

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    Infusion Rate mL/hr = 69 kg 5 mcg/kg/min X 60 = 69 x 5 x 60 = 20 700 1 mg/mL X 1000 1 x 1000 1000 x mL/hr = 20700 1000 x = 20 7 mL/hr round to 21 mL/hr Material protected by copyright Test Your Knowledge You have an order to administer Intropin Dopamine 10 mcg/kg/min IV Your patient weighs

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    4 You are ordered to give 10 mcg/kg/min of dobutamine to a patient He weighs 145 pounds Dobutmaine comes in a 12 5 mg/mL package It contains 100 mL What is you flow rate Your answer 8 gtts/min 26 gtts/min 3 gtts/min 12 gtts/min 5 A patient is to be given 500 mL of 0 9 Sodium Chloride IV over a 4 hour period

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    This is the number of ml to give per hour In other words to give this IV at a rate of 5 mcg of Nitroglycerin per minute we want to give 0 3 mg of Nitroglycerin in each 60 minutes or one hour and the volume of IV solution that contains this amount of Nitroglycerin is 1 5 ml

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    The same ICU patient is on a Dopamine drip at 15 mcg/kg/min Her blood pressure is 102/60 Her heart rate is 70 Her urine output is 30ml/hr The physician orders the drip to be titrated down by 5 mcg/kg/min every half hour as long as the SBP >100


    revised9/08 adult intravenous medications standard and maximum allowableconcentrations guidelinesforcontinuousortitratedinfusions medication

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    200mg/250ml solution x 1000 = 800mcg/ml To get 1cc/hr equals how many mcg/kg/min mg of Dopamine/cc of solution x 1000 /Kg Wt /60min Example For a 10 kg patient 200mg/250cc x 1000 /10/60 or 800/10/60 = 1 333 1cc = 1 333mcg/kg/min For All Pre mixed Drugs To get ml/hr on the pump Desired dose in mcg/kg/min x kg wt x 60 min/hr 800 mcg/ml

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    Sep 01 2002  Next the prescription rate needs to be converted into rate per hour that is 210mcg/min = 12 600mcg/hr The prescription is in micrograms but in your syringe you have milligrams Both need to be in the same units so you must convert one to the other in this case mcg to mg 12 600mcg/hr is the same as 12 6mg/hr The calculation is then as

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    Apr 27 2010  Common Drug infusion how they are given 0 05 mg/kg/min Esmolol 210 mcg/min Epinephrine 120 mcg/kg/min Dopamine 220 mcg/kg/min Dobutamine 515 mg/hr Diltiazem 12 mg/min Bretylium 0 5 mg/min x 24hrs Amiodarone 515 mcg/kg/min Amrinone 0 50 7 mg/kg/hr Aminophylline Dosage Medication 30

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    Mar 12 2008  Infuse Dobutamine 500 mg in 250 ml D5W at 5 mcg/kg/min using microdrip tubing The client weighs 182 lbs Determine the ml/hr and the gtts/min Given 500mg/250ml this is double dose dobu

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    Sep 21 2021  Table 2 below shows the infusion rates corresponding to the recommended initial and maximal doses 0 3 mcg/kg/min and 10 mcg/kg/min respectively for both adult and pediatric patients of various weights This infusion rate may be lower than indicated in the table for patients less than 10 kg

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    Isoproterenol 16 mcg/mL 4mg/250mL D5W NS 0 5 20 mcg/min 0 1 mcg/kg/min 16 mcg/mL C or P Ketamine 1 mg/mL 500mg/500mL NS 825 mg hr C or P Labetalol 2 mg/mL 500mg/250mL D5W NS 1 2 mg/min C or P

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    Infusion 2 mcg/kg/min Titrate by 1 mcg/kg/min q 10 mins ⱡ Max rate 10 mcg/kg/min Neuromuscular blockade to achieve 2 twitches on Train of Four test Train of 4 not achieved at maximum dose Dexmedetomidine Precedex 400 mcg/100 mL Conc 4 mcg/mL DO NOT BOLUS Start drip at 0 2 mcg/kg/hr Titrate by 0 3 mcg/kg/hr q 30 minutes

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    written in mcg/kg/minute the pump runs in ml/hour 3200 results from converting 800 mg into 800 000 mcg 1 mg = 1 000 mcg and dividing by the amount of available solution in this case 250 ml to yield the correct drug concentration But firsta preliminary equation Before using this simplified equation you must per


    the antibiotic in 1000 mL Calculate the mg/hr given 8 The order is 25 mcg/kg/min The patient weighs 44 kg How many mg of medication will the patient receive in one hour Per day 9 An IV medication of 235 mL is to infuse at the rate of 60 mL/hr What is the total infusion time 10 An IV of 550 mL infused in 638 minutes The IV infused at

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    Critical Care Calculation Practice Dopamine 400 mg/250 mL to be administered at 5 mcg/kg/min The client weighs 189 lbs Calculate rate of infusion in mL/hr Norepinephrine 8 mg/500 mL NS to be administered at 0 05 mcg/kg/min The client weighs 205 lbs Calculate rate of infusion in mL/hr

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    To find the rate in micrograms/kg/min divide by the weight 66 66 = 1 3 micrograms/kg/min rounded to two decimal places 50 The answer is the patient will receive 1 33 micrograms/kg/min Method 2 You can use the following formula Rate mL/hour x amount of medication micrograms = micrograms/kg/min 60 x weight kg x volume mL

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    Okay The nurse notes the patient has Dopamine infusing at 39 3 mL/hr The bag says 400 mg in 250 mL The patient weighs 192 lbs How many mcg/kg/min is the patient receiving Start with what we re looking for mcg per kg per min Here s a big tip if you have two pers they both go on the bottom Only 1 unit goes on top So

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    written in mcg/kg/minute the pump runs in ml/hour 3200 results from converting 800 mg into 800 000 mcg 1 mg = 1 000 mcg and dividing by the amount of available solution in this case 250 ml to yield the correct drug concentration But firsta preliminary equation Before using this simplified equation you must per

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    A client weighing 80 kg has an order for Intropin to infuse at 8 mcg/kg/min The solution available is 800 mg Intropin in 500 mL D5W a mcg/min b mL/hr 17 Directions Calculate the dosages as indicated Dopamine 4 mcg/kg/min is ordered for a client who weighs 165 lb The solution available is 400 mg of Dopamine in 250 mL D5W

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    The prescriber orders Drug X 5 mcg/kg/min for an adult weighing 220 lb The pharmacy has supplied Drug X 750mg in 200 ml 0 9 NaCl solution What is the flow rate to be administered to this patient mL/hr The prescriber orders Drug Y 2mcg/kg/min for a child weighing 77 lb The pharmacy has supplied Drug Y 200 mg in 500 ml D5W